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where my music started from

I started doing music at the age of thirteen I first got access to a studio and i had someone put me through.

my kind of sound

Basically, i focus on trap. But i also do Hip Hop, EDM, AFro Pop, Afro Fusion, RnB and a host of others

best genre

My best genre of music is Trap. Its easy to produce, easy to sing along and many other stuffs.

my favorite d.a.w

My favourite Digital Audio Workstation if The Image Line Fruity Loop. Though i use other softwares like Cubase, Ableton and Nuendo, FL Studio still remains my best.

buddies recommending me

Though I also produce, i saw fresh ideas and creativity. When i started working with Rubiini beatz, I started seeing the meaning of true production. He Brings out those natural sounds that you cant find anywhere. I recommend Him!
Joseph Sunday aka Beezy
Rubiini Beatz doesn't joke with sounds. He is always at the top of his game. When he first produced "TIME PLAY", i though it was a joke but after listening to "OGX", "RDX", "Blaze On", "Dancehall Party", "EDMified" and others, i just cant stop recommending him!
Isti Benz